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A platforming infinite rail runner about collecting money and regulating the character's mood to survive as long as possible. Collect coins, dollars, and gems in a never-ending struggle to live in an empty tri-platform world that drains you of your time, money, and sanity. How long can you survive? Play now and find out!


Walk left and right with WASD keys or left thumbstick.

Press spacebar, left mouse button, or any controller face button to jump.
Escape key and the special start/select controller buttons bring up the quit menu.

Additional Details

The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible.

Collect money by traversing towards money pickups through running and jumping to survive longer and go for the highest time score. There are three tiers of pickups that can be collected to increase the character's money stores: coins, dollars, and gems.

Coins provide the least amount of money while the dollars increase money nominally and gems provide the most.

While collecting money, the player can regulate the character's mood by jumping on different tiers of platforms. The character's mood is indicated by the color of the character.

When the character is dark, the character is in a state of low negative mood. If the character stays in a low mood for an extended period of time, the looming specter of death appears in the form of skull and crossbones. Death is near when the crossbones oscillate wildly.

Conversely, when the character is golden, the character is in a state of high positive mood. There is no advantage to being in a high mood other than fending off a game over.

In between the positive and negative moods is the grey neutral mood. Being in a neutral mood also has no specific advantages.

Money constantly depletes over time no matter what depending on the last tier of platforms the character landed on.

Landing on the lower level ground puts the character in a "low class" state which drains the character's money by the least over time. However, the character's mood deteriorates quickly while in the low class state.

Landing on the middle level platform puts the character in a "middle class" state which drains the character's money a bit more quickly than the lower level, but mood does not change. Since mood does not change, the character's proximity to death is left unchanged.

Landing on the top level platform puts the character is a "upper class" state which drains the character's money very quickly, but mood improves drastically. When near death, landing on an upper level platform will return the character's mood back to neutral before increasing mood to positive.

The game is over when the player loses all money or they stay in a bad mood too long.


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